Mission Statement


DevoConnect is a strategic political communications agency motivated by delivering success. Steeped in decades of experience and expertise in influencing UK decision-making, we provide unique analysis and insight into the political people, policies and processes which impact the UK’s political landscape by looking through the lens of devolution. DevoConnect works to shape the debate, lead the way, build consensus and deliver strategic counsel and direction. We intuitively connect to the needs of our clients and are on a mission to connect, communicate and bring about change.


Vision Statement


It is our commitment to work with clients to make an impact and ensure that those who influence and shape Government decision-making, hear their voice and act. We are committed to a strategic, creative, original and proactive approach in everything we do. In this way we secure policy, legislative and regulatory outcomes which change lives for good.  

We provide incisive advice and strategic counsel to our clients; helping them achieve their communication goals.

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