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The Case for Culture Report

The Northern Culture All Party Parliamentary Group (NC APPG) was established in 2021 to provide a strong and cohesive voice in Parliament. It brings Northern MPs and Peers - from all parties - together to advocate for for Northern Culture and heritage.


This All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Northern culture provides timely and important evidence on what the North needs to recover from the current crisis and to build back support for, and investment in, the cultural sector in a post-covid and post Brexit world. 

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Net Zero Roadmap Report

The Net Zero All Party Parliamentary Group (NZ APPG) was created to embed net zero solutions and help accelerate Government action to meet the UK’s legally binding obligation to reach net zero by 2050. It brings together a great number of passionate and energetic MPs and Peers from all political parties and provides a powerful forum to build cross-party consensus on how to realise net zero ambitions and scale-up decarbonisation plans.


GH4GM’s Keys to Recovery Report


GH4GM’s Keys to Recovery Summit Series focussed in on the calls for action set out in our Action Plan and how to unlock recovery and deliver great homes and places for everyone.


This Keys to Recovery Report shows how Greater Manchester can be an exemplar of housing innovation and be at the heart of the green recovery and levelling-up agendas.


Devo 3.0

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DevoConnect were quick to rally “Devolutionistas” at our Roundtable to look at what the Levelling Up White Paper means for devolution and to garner views on whether it measures up to our high expectations.


DevoConnect have long advocated that devolution is the solution and are leading proponents of its potential to level up and rebalance the economy and remove inter and intra-regional disparities. We believe that ‘good’ devolution can unlock economic growth in our towns, cities, and regions – if it has the powers and funding to back up bold ambitions.