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The first place to look for the best communications support

DevoConnect is the first and best UK agency able to meet all your communications needs in all parts of the UK.


Our public affairs and communications services:

  • Build consensus, coalitions and establish strong collaboration

  • Connect local and devolved campaigns to Westminster and Whitehall 

  • Influence and shape national decision making  

Future policies and decisions will not be shaped, informed and influenced by Westminster and Whitehall alone. We understand the UK’s political geography and how to win support. Are you ready for devolution of power over decision-making? DevoConnect is the premier UK agency providing research, analysis, advice, communications, media support and training across the UK.

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What We Deliver

Strategic Advice, Analysis, Intelligence & Insight

Political Risk Assessment

PR, Lobbying and Parliamentary Engagement

Corporate & Crisis Communications and Media Management

Training & Workshops Sessions

Stakeholder mapping, opinion and perception testing, political audits, policy proofing

Research, key message development, digital content and report writing

Major conference and strategic event organisation

Community engagement